Craig and pasty Live tracking Chloe's big bass tone Inside craig's house of riffs Allie, the studio dog birthday girl Craig recording vocals, with a lamp shade on his head Chloe rocking the piano on a couple tracks Harmonica through a bullet mic, through a fender champ, classic little walter tone. The first time since

So the albums pretty much done, maybe got a few finishing touches. It really is our best work yet, sounds absolutely incredible, its an  all killer no filler great album. So heres the last of our photos from when we where recording that you can check out,  whilst we debate over track order, and album title…. its gonna be a while!
Take it easy

But take it


pasty land The AXES of EVIL! Inside craigs house of riffs! the hills are alive with the sound of...... Outside the house of riffs Pasty keeping it real in our rental car James Pete miles's It was chloe's birthday whilst we where here, so we got her a cake, AND candles.... unfortunately the candles sucked and melted on everything

About an hour ago, we finished mixing and mastering our new album. It is easily the greatest thing we have ever produced. In everyway.

We have worked increidbly hard making this album, and cant wait for you lot to hear it.

My brain is totally fried. and it feels like an elephant has sat on my chest but heres some photos to give an idea of what we’ve been doing for the past week

We’re getting ready to record our new album starting next monday, we’re going to be heading down to devon for a week of intense music making. 
In the meantime heres another video of us doing pre production for the album, this one features pasty tracking a whole lot of drums in a very short amount of time and has a snippet of a new tune at the end.
Enjoy, and please share, like, comment and spread the word

Yellin and screaming, about being happy left to right- Harriet (Black Moth), John (Godzilla Black), Craig, and Paul (Hawkeyes) with Harriet of black moth

Last week I ( craig) had the pleasure of supplying some guest vocals for Geordie rock n roll Legend Ginger Wildheart’s new “mutation” project, alongside members of such great bands as Black Moth, Hawkeyes and Godzilla Black ( possibly the best band name ever!)

You need to check out this record when its done, its quite possibly the most insane thing i have ever heard, and is heavy as fuck!
heres some photos from the session  

All the lyrics for the new album. So many words. And one line stolen from Robert Johnson.

All the lyrics for the new album. So many words. And one line stolen from Robert Johnson.

Check it out.

Another video update what we’ve been up to in the studio.

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rock n roll 


Check, check 1 2 is this thing on?

YO! this is craig here from Moral Dilemma.

So we finally decided to join tumblr, don’t ask why, I guess it just looked like a good platform to keep you up to date with everything we’ve been up too, as there will be a shit load of things to announce in the upcoming months including videos, photos and all manor of other things and stuff!

This is the first blog we’ve ever done, so please excuse my poor grammar and spelling mistakes etc.


We have been ridiculously busy balancing touring with writing and rehearsing songs for our new album.

We probably won’t be touring again until we finish the album, which should be all wrapped up around the beginning of October.

This record is shaping up to be the best one yet. I know how much of a clichéd statement that is, but to put it into perspective I wrote around 20  songs, which didn’t even make it to the rehearsal room, and we have written, and demoed, 14 new tracks, not including “bigger cages, longer chains” and “spare the vote spoil the ballot” from the bigger cages ep (which if you haven’t checked out yet, you really should, give it a listen here: both tracks will feature on the new record.

So to be blunt, we have been militant about getting the absolute best tracks for this album to make a record that is great beginning to end and makes sense listening too it in sequence rather than just half a track on spotify, which seems to be the sad growing trend these days, amongst a generation of kids who’s experience of a band is expected to be two to four and a half minutes long as apposed to a forty five minutes plus long album.

This is something we’ve never really done, our first album was our set at the time, and “Agree To Disagree” was basically the next ten songs that we wrote, so you can imagine that we’re very excited and very passionate about what we’re doing.


There are a lot of different influences, and vibes on this record, and a clear progression, but ultimately it still sounds like us. We’re not taking “ a radical new direction” or any such nonsense, this isn’t “experimental” it’s a natural progression, there will be plenty of loud and fast songs (hey it is a moral dilemma record) but there will also be a lot more dynamic, I can’t really say much without giving anything away, just think outside of the straight forward punk rock spectrum, if you’ve seen us live this year, you may have a rough idea of a few of the tracks, but there’s a good few we haven’t played live yet. Some we’re not even sure if we’ll be able to play live.

The approach has been the same as ever, we just get into a room with no fixed idea, and no desire to sound like a specific band, style, or genre, and just go at it until we agree that it sounds cool in an attempt to make sure our music doesn’t sound contrived and its definitely working.

As far as production goes, we’ll be recording again with Peter Miles, the man who has produced both of our previous albums, as well as : We Are The Ocean, Sonic Boom Six, king Blues etc etc . Only this time we’re going in for a week as apposed to “Right To Remain Silent” which was done in 19 hours, and “Agree To Disagree” which was done in 3 days.

There’s a lot of crazy ideas floating about, and there will probably be a few more different instruments on the record besides just guitar, drums, bass and vocals.

We’re all very excited to share what we have essentially been working on for the past two years.

Keep an eye out on here for video updates which we should have up every month or so, and please spread the word to your mates, or anyone you think should hear our band.

Finally, we’re still trying to pay for this mother fucker, so if you fancy helping us out, head over to the big cartel pages here: OR

and buy yourself something nice,  as whilst distribution of music has become dirt cheap, recording is anything but, and we are broke a fuck!

This page also has an “ask” button which looks like it could be fun. So please, knock yourself out and start asking us questions and we’ll do our best to answer them .


thanks for reading

Take it easy… but take it!



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